Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trip to São Paulo and Note to Contributors

Tomorrow at midnight I'll be on my way to the "Encontro Internacional de RPG" (International RPG Con, in a free translation). I attend every year and this one couldn't be different. A friend of mine is responsible for the Brazilian Ninja Day the same comemorative day that happens in the US around December ( and here is the brazilian ninja day website: We had some great and incredible support from the creator who even sent us a package with advertising material including rpg books and other neat stuff to give away during the event. And since everyone is going dressed as a different kind of ninja, I'm gonna be the cowboy ninja (go figure :P).

Last year's Con. 'Silent bob' and I?
I was gonna run a big world of warcraft with the coming of the burning crusade and all, probably a thematic game involving the characters trying to cross the Dark Portal, I had it all planned, two tables two different game masters, same story but one group would be alliance and the other group the horde. Each group's action would affect the other's outcome. But so many other things to do in college and movie projects that I had to give up. Maybe next year.

One interesting thing is the fact that this year we have the presence of Monte Cook, he will be here for the portuguese release (hopefully with no delay excuses this time) of Arcana Evolved. I might be wrong on saying that cause we don't even have Arcana Unearthed translated... so it could be the later one.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's really good to be back and help on this project (and many others to come). I'll be back to Rio de Janeiro (hence back home) on Monday, so don't worry I'm not gonna disappear again.

And to all contributors; that is Magus, Tark and Twilight. You guys can post here anything you want about world of warcraft, rpg, updates on this project etc. Feel at home, just log in, new post and voilá!

Bye to all and see ya next week.


Adam "MagusRogue" said...

Is that Silent Bob standing next to you? LOL

Salsa said...

It does look like him, eh?
I run into this guy in last year's con and I'm like "I gotta take picture with 'Silent Bob' :P"

I wish it was the real Kevin Smith, hehe.

Adam said...


Jason said...

Sounds like you're going to have a blast. Remember, you have to post pictures of your costume (and everyone else's, for that matter). A cowboy ninja pwns!

-= Jason =-