Monday, July 9, 2007

I decided to place here some old files that might be useful to some people. The Steamthrone was something I created once I saw the drawings (or dare I say blueprints :P) for it at the forums. The Spellbreaker needs a revamp, don't know when Adam and I will get to it. And there is also the WoW Unofficial Errata. All those were files I created exactly one year ago.

I have some of the old D&D Warcraft files, one of them being the old Pandaren Brewmaster. But since that prestige class is going to be covered by Dark Factions I decided to not include it here. I also have the Acolyte, the Goblin Baloonist, the Spell Sniper, and the Axethrower/Warlord. As well as some scourge racial classes. But all that stuff is old now and I'll only upload it if people ask for it.

Edit: Ok, I remembered that my files are hosted in another website (not mine) here is the link I would post the credits for the person who created the website but there is no info about him/her in it.


Anonymous said...

By Movanic (no Google account...)

- I'm asking for it.

Adolpho said...

Pra variar mais um trabalhinho rox XD. cara o monte biscoito tem muita cara de nerd ehauheauhe. Abraços