Friday, July 20, 2007

Glittering Prizes

Hey guys. Our project will probably be postponed again unless of course you can help us. So I'm here in the name of Adam who can't log into the internet for reasons you'll understand as follows:

Alright, here's the deal. I've been out of work for two months due to some.... stupid decisions in my life. Currently I'm back to work, but I'm so behind on bills that catching up is like pulling teeth I no longer have. Perhaps the worst for my profession at current is a $500 bill to my cable company. Why is this such a problem, you ask? No cable = no internet. No internet = no writing jobs. In fact, this current lack of internet cost me a VERY valuable opportunity to be a new RPG developer for White Wolf!!! No!!!!!!! I could have been up there with Ethan Kamp or the like..... And, considering I have twins due in September, finances are making it impossible for me to get my internet turned back on. For a LONG time.

So.... here's the question. Any way any generous and loving fans out there wish to donate to my cause? I'll even throw in an incentive, so here it is:

To the highest two contributers, I offer two personally-signed books: The Alliance Player's Guide and the Horde Player's Guide. One to one, one to the other. (no, you can't get both, you only get one or the other). Conditions: If you want the books, please, a minimum of 20-25 bucks. Of course, if you pass me a hundred (or more), I'll definately be more appreciative and may through something else sweet into the mix....... *hint hint*

So, if you're generous, please flit over to Paypal and donate to my cause to get my internet back up and me outa debt hell. Thanks guys!

-- Adam C Loyd
Your friendly neighborhood game designer!
WoW RPG Freelancer

So, as you can see guys that's our problem. Remember that you don't HAVE to donate more than 20 bucks, any help is appreciated. And also you're not paying for any of our services, you'll just be helping from your own volition. Adam threw the books into the thing to motivate people and make things faster. But if you want to help with 10, 5 or even 1 dollar you won't be forgotten. We will be posting a list of the top 10 donations once this moment of crisis is over and also the names of all donators along with our gratitude.

You can send an e-mail to magus asking if this is true:
And you can donate clicking on the button below:


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