Friday, August 14, 2009

One year later...

And "Four years have passed since the drums of war thundered once again..."

It's been quite long, the Lich King might as well be vanquished sooner or later, and as much awaited as that, our project ended up seeming like nothing but another myth sown across the lands. However, rest asured this will come to a conclusion.

I received a few days ago a rough draft of the almost finished version of Even More Magic & Mayhem, we're still missing some art for the book and that is basically the reason why it was and it still is kept inside the Frozen Throne. Jordan has done some exceptional work cleaning up and reformating my layout and we can pretty much confirm that now the book looks better and smaller (in terms of file size).

We're still looking for some competent artists to create the artwork that we need right now. If you have some warcraftian fan art or you know someone qualified for this, please contact us at:

We'll take a look at every entry and let the volunteers know what kind of pieces we need to finish this. Proper crediting will be given and disclosed in the Credits section of the electronic file.

Thanks for your attention and for your help in advance.

Marcos "Salsa" Bolton
Art Direction/Layout and Typesetting