Wednesday, July 4, 2007


"...when duty's done, and glory earned.

I swore my heart, I would return."

Humans learn, societies grow, creatures evolve and time is always at motion. Why should magic act differently? Aeons of knowledge are scattered around the corners of the Twisting Nether, ancient secrets probably caved in in the depths of Anh'Qiraj. And you really thought only two books could cover it all? You were wrong...

The Warcraft RPG Resource Homepage returns in a moment of triumph with an upcoming project that will tremble the very foundations of the internet. Under the provisional name of WoW RPG Blog, we will once again provide you with loads of new content to be used with the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game and all that packed into neat PDF netbooks very close-looking to books from the official line.


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Good to see you up and running again Teron! Cool site.

Jeff (Trousers)

Jason said...

This is going to be incredible! Everyone undoubtedly worked hard on this project, and I can't wait to see it.

From fans to fans, right?

-= Jason =-

("malcom_west" from the forum)

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