Monday, July 9, 2007

And so I met a guy named Murphy...

Ok, before I go into the details about how things went wrong, I'll tell you the good stuff. The convention was awesome, we didn't have as much people as in other years cause there was an anime convention happening in the city and also some kind of japanese ceremony or fair or whatever since São Paulo is the second biggest japanese colony in the world after Japan itself.

So we had a bus full of geeks and not-so-geeks going towards the "Smog City" (and it's not LA guys) I like to compare it to what the Matrix did to the world on the movie where the sunlight it's something rare, lol. Anyway a fun trip and including toothpaste

For some unexplainable reason my first day was boring... As my friend said (it can't be "as boring as hell" hell is much more fun than this). However there was one good thing about it. BOOZE! Malt beer for me, regular for the other guys, by the way those three are basically my official gaming group (sergio, naddo, thiago and me; attention to thiago's shirt).

Among the interesting things that happened on sunday morning (and this is the fun day). It began with breakfast at the hotel and guess what? the Pan American Games torch passes right by our hotel's window!
But the day is just beginning! We had the ninja day with many different activities and prizes for everyone and we went on delivering real hamburguers and soda to the major staff members of the convention and to Monte Cook himself! Who also tried one of our activity games - the ninja ball - hehe. And won! I even got it all recorded but I'm still going to edit it.

the only fast food with dim-mak death touch. Join us or die!

We had some nice cosplayers, but I only got a few pictures since I was busier with the whole ninja thing. So what went wrong Salsa? Everything is so cool so far. Well, my friends...

Chuck Norris created the first RPG, it was rustlers & roundhouses.Murphy attacked when we left the convention...

"And so you guys were on the convention bus, when suddenly you see smoke coming out of your window at the right side. What do you do?"

- I get pissed off and start complaining.

"You find out it's the bus brake compartment burning rubber for reason only explained by your host as the car part being new. The driver decides to stop on a gas station and clean it with a water hose. What do you do?"

- I'm watching through the window and I still can't believe this is happening.
"The trip continues and around the middle of Return of the King, you hear what appears to be a small blast and a whistle sound followed by the feeling that the bus is running through heavy terrain. Roll an intelligence check. Wow! you're smart enough to realize it's a flat tire. What do you do?"

- I start cursing and informing the other passengers about the occurence.

"Many minutes later, once the bus gets back to the trip, your friends start saying things like 'this is going to fuck up again' or 'I heard a metal clank, I think the wheel is not properly attached' which doesn't comfort you either, cause hey you're just going down a road hill full of curves. The bus comes to a halt AGAIN minutes after leaving the hill. You see the trip host and other friends running on the road along with the bus driver trying to find something at road midsection where there's also knee-high grass. Hey guess what you're seeing at your window this time?"

-No... It can't be what I think it is, gamemaster...

"Hell yeah! The bus driver is rolling the wheel that got off across the road and wooooah he just missed a speeding car by an inch!"

-Holy #$%! What the... I'm tired of this, I'm tearing this character sheet, just fucking kill me already! What's next? A hijack?

Well, no fellas but for a moment if it did happen, I'd be ready for it anyway, so we had to wait for a new bus to come get us. And a 6 hour trip became a 12 hour trip, back home... And now I'm tired, I'm gonna get some sleep. I'll post the links for more pictures and the video footage later this week.

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