Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GM's Day and Gary Gygax's Day.

Today, I had something really special uploaded for you and many people who kept asking for it, a documentary I made 2 years ago while I was at Filmmaking College. So, I decided "okay I'll do it now, it's been quite a while and people over the internet would enjoy watching it".
And guess what? I decided to do it for GM's Day and while I was subtitling it to english (cause it's in portuguese, my native language, and I did it on a hurry so there might be mistakes) I received this message that dropped like a bomb.

Gary Gygax passed away.

So, now it's became more than just a GM's day, it's a day when all roleplayers will remember Mr. Gygax and what he has done to our lives. I hope you enjoy this short film, and I hope that wherever our true Game Master is, he will join the greatest master of all and together they will look for all of us.

Here's the Part 1:

Here's the Part 2:

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