Monday, February 18, 2008

Countdown to More Mayhem: Sneak Peak #2

After mentioning the new optional mana point system (Thanks to a post at the forums) in this blog with the intention of clarifying a specific rule. It's time to yet another preview of Even More Magic & Mayhem, the not-so-official-but-almost-there sourcebook that is being created by our Dream Team.

Once again this was prompted thanks to a post concerning the Trade Skills. This optional rule never made it to the corebook but it was supposed to be there in the first place. How does one use Trade Skills in the MMO?

You gather and create. Those two concepts are tied together in a single skill in the RPG and each kind of Trade Skill will grant you synergy bonuses to certain tasks and the best of all: IT WILL GRANT YOU GOLD!! The Trade Skills list is also enhanced with new ones and includes Jewelcrafting!

Having a profession never made you happier in a D&D game, now you have a reason to be proud of it. Stop earning copper and be a trader!

More Magic and Mayhem
is scheduled to be released sometime before Dark Factions, so stay tuned.

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