Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Blizzard" troubles Even More Magic & Mayhem

Okay no updates for EMM&M in a long time, however I received the following e-mail from Adam "MagusRogue" Loyd concerning the final steps and I was shocked:

Gonna keep this short and simple, since im borrowing someone's pc. I haven't had internet in over a week. Furthermore, unless you live in a hole, you've probably heard of how bad Sunday's ice storm has hit Oklahoma. I'm currently alive and well, but my house has been out of power for three days now, and it won't be back on till at least next Tuesday........ life is interesting. Just to let you know, however, the final proofs are almost up...
...Once I get power on, I promise to have proofs over to Marcos before Christmas, and hopefully a book by new years. Cross our fingers, and I promise the next book will be faster. We're all learning this as we go, you know.

As you can see, we are working hard on this. And hopefuly everything will turn out better for our friend Adam who's been going through hell but never gave up on the project.

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