Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Donation Expiration

I'd like to inform here that after one month and due to the extremely low rate of donators during that period, we're returning all donations to their rightful owners and we like to apologize for the fact that we can't be giving the mentioned prize and I'm (Salsa) personally sad with this cause I really wanted to help Magus on this situation, anyway I'd like to thank those who tried but unfortunely we couldn't even reach the 30 dollars mark.

I spoke to his wife the other day and Adam decided to use dial-up for the time being, I just hope he can get back on track with his life. By the way if anyone living close to his region still willing to help and who would like to adopt some of his cats, throw me an e-mail I'll let him know.

As for myself, I haven't been updating the blog because recently I'm working on two different short movies, writing a feature film script and doing some research for college about Clerks and Kevin Smith. So come back once in a while check for updates from the other contributors. And expect a new pdf containing the Draenei racial stats.

See ya, Marcos "Salsa" Bolton
who finally finished reading the Sunwell Trilogy, comments soon.

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